Who is Boost Financial Telecom, LLC?

With over 50 years of combined experience in the wireless, real estate and financial industries, Boost Financial Telecom, LLC (BoostFT.com) provides consulting and advisory services to property owners and landlords whose tenants are cell site carriers and tower management companies. Our clients inquire about selling their cell site lease rental streams and have the opportunity to consult with our wireless industry experts who can secure the highest sales prices in the marketplace.

Boost Financial Telecom provides you with well-informed, and carefully considered options based on your particular situation by offering unsurpassed industry expertise that will help you maximize your cell site lease. Whether you have received an offer related to your wireless lease, or whether you are simply considering selling it, we will provide you with the time, experience, leverage and network to ensure that you have made the right decision for your particular situation, your family, your business and you.

Boost does not work for the wireless carriers or tower companies – we work exclusively for you, the landlord. We don’t try to convince you with misleading or false information – we educate you with the facts. We do not purchase leases ourselves and we do not flip leases to make a profit margin at your expense – we get you the highest and best price in the industry while advising you along the way and looking out for your best interests. Our bottom line is that we treat you like we would want to be treated.

Contact us today at 858-356-2979 or submit this form and learn how having an expert on your side ensures more money in your pocket.