Who Do We Help?

We have helped a wide array of property owners maximize their cell site leases. Some of these owners include:

Private Land Owners:

Whether you are in an individual, family, trust or corporation – we have information and answers for you so you can make the best decision moving forward.

Commercial Real Estate Owners:

Whether you plan on keeping your commercial property long-term or only for a few years, we have assisted owners like you all over the nation with their cell site lease needs. From rooftop sites in large cities to tower sites in small towns, as real estate professionals ourselves, we are fluent in the language of cap rates and net operating income (NOI).

HOA’s and Condo Complexes:

Dealing with multiple members with varying opinions and ideas is daunting at times. That’s why we make ourselves available by phone for your meetings to streamline the process of helping you, as it tends to be a more efficient way to handle any group concerns, questions and issues.

Hotels and Motels:

Whether you have a roadside inn located in the Midwest, or a high-rise motel on the coast, we know you are looking to get the best return on your investment. We have the experience facilitating the best transaction for your situation.

Malls and Shopping Centers:

You require the best net operating income (NOI) and are results-driven. Let us obtain the highest price in the industry for your brick and mortar asset.

Religious Institutions & Non-Profit Organizations:

Whether you are securing more funds for your religious endeavor or trying to fund a specific project, we provide your organization with access to more solutions.

Municipalities and Government Organizations:

We have helped big and small municipalities and government organizations with their cell site lease buyout needs – to provide much-needed funding or to get a guaranteed lump-sum and avoid the risk of an uncertain future with a non-guaranteed lease.

Water Districts:

With competing interests between providing a high standard product and its cost to the public, Boost will work for you to obtain the highest price in the industry for your lease, reducing the inherent future uncertainty in your lease.

School Districts:

The future of tomorrow lies within our school system. Since a cell site lease buyout can solve the financial stress of an under-funded system, we gladly offer discounts on our services as part of our way to express our thanks to those providing knowledge and power to our children.

Utility Companies:

Efficiency is crucial to your bottom line. Enhanced income through our services allows for an increase to that economic efficiency, thereby enhancing profitability.

Hospitals and Medical Facilities:

So many moving parts – so many people with whom to confer – let us make your lease transaction one less item to worry about.

Franchise Owners:

You want a big margin from your operations – let us negotiate the best price in the wireless industry for your cell site lease to get you there.