How Do I Know I The Offer I Received Is The Best?

Without the industry expertise, unfortunately, you simply cannot know if the current offer is the best one. More importantly, the companies that contact you to purchase your lease are typically not looking to give you the highest price. As a consultant who works only for you, we can help you understand the differences between the various sections of the lease and/or cell tower lease buyout offer that affect its value, including:

  1. The length of the lease
  2. The current rent amount
  3. Future rent escalations
  4. Any right-of-first refusal language
  5. Restrictive assignment language
  6. Sublease revenue share provisions
  7. The number of carriers on the site
  8. The competing sites in your area
  9. The credit-rating of the landlord
  10. The term of the lease purchase, etc.

More importantly, due to our experience negotiating thousands of transactions, we have proprietary methods that help you put more money into your pocket, not theirs. Our lease experts can almost always secure more than you can on your own – as we would not be in business if we couldn’t. Certainly, given the broad range of factors to consider on just this issue alone, your interests as a Landlord would be best served by having an experienced and knowledgeable advocate – like Boost Financial Telecom – working for you to obtain the highest available amount in the wireless market for you.